Estonian Offroad Racing Championship 2022, general rules
EAL Estonian 4×4 Off-Road Cup 2022, general rules manual
Nation Offroad 2022 series general guide

Offroad Racing European Championship manuals and other documents:

  • Estonian Championship Offroad Racing General Guide
  • More information can be found on the 4×4 Committee website offroad.ee

Estonian 4×4 Off-Road Cup 2020. a. guides, documents:

Technical conditions

The technical conditions of the EAL Estonian 4X4 Off-Road Cup, valid for the period 2021-2023 can be downloaded from the link 2021-2023.

The technical conditions of the vehicles participating in the Estonian Offroad Racing Championship can be downloaded from the link 2019-2021.

EAL Estonian 4×4 Off-road Truck Technical Rules for the period 2018-2022.

Find up-to-date information on other 4×4 topics on the offroad.ee subcommittee page.


To apply for a licence, please go to: app.autosport.ee


See here: 4x4reg

What is 4x4 offroad?
What is 4×4 off-road driving?

Off-road orienteering is a competition in which you try to find as many checkpoints as possible on the terrain using the coordinates given. Competitors try to find as many checkpoints as possible in the competition area within the time allowed. Competitors who want to get a good result will race in search of checkpoints in bottomless dumps, rock piles or other exciting places found for them by the course master. As it is mostly a selection race not everything has to work like this, calmer competitors can look for more accessible checkpoints while enjoying nature. It’s not always the case that the riders in difficult conditions will win, there will be more checkpoints that are easier to reach in the same amount of time, so it all depends on the riders’ tactics and ability to make the right decisions. It may be worth skipping a few checkpoints to avoid exceeding your or the car’s capabilities.

In competitions, the positions of control points are usually given as coordinates. You can use a GPS device to find them, but the best solution is a laptop with map software and a GPS receiver. In order to record your presence at the checkpoint, a photograph must be taken at the checkpoint. The competition machine must be brought close enough to the control point so that the competitor can touch the control point and the competition machine with his hands at the same time and the co-competitor takes a control photo. The competitions will also use the same electronic marking devices familiar from other orienteering events.

In order for everyone to be able to take part in the competitions, different classes of machines have been created, with both a standard off-road machine and a purpose-built competition machine. To ensure safety, each team must be made up of at least two competitors, so that in the event of an accident no one is left alone.

Off-road orienteering cannot be practised without competition areas, and in order to obtain permission from landowners to continue organising competitions, enthusiasts try to do as little damage as possible to nature and, through this, to landowners. It is particularly important that competitors follow the instructions given to them and drive on the authorised roads and areas. One of the most important principles among off-road enthusiasts is that, regardless of the class of competition, help is always given to those in need and no one is left alone in a desperate situation.

Read more about the competitions on offroad.ee

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Arto Künnapas

  • Chairman of the 4x4 Committee
  • arto.kunnapas@eesti.ee
  • +372 509 0585

Erik Metsis

  • Member of the 4x4 Committee
  • TR-3 class coordinator
  • erik.metsis@gmail.com
  • +372 506 8700

Ermi Peets

  • Member of the 4x4 Committee (race number register)
  • ermi.peets@byroomaailm.ee
  • +372 56656131

Jaan Villak

  • Member of the 4x4 Committee (offroad racing and VEOK class coordinator)
  • jvillak@gmail.com
  • +372 5165612

Kaido Kallavus

  • Member of the 4×4 Committee (FREE class coordinator)
  • tyrk@tartuoffroad.ee
  • +372 5581340

Mait Mumme

  • Member of the 4x4 Committee
  • mait.mumme@europart.ee
  • +372 5069842

Martin Roos

  • Member of the 4x4 Committee (ATV class coordinator)
  • martinroos99@gmail.com
  • +372 5208203

Rasmus Laansalu

  • 4×4 Committee member (TR-1 class coordinator)
  • rasmus.laansalu@gmail.com
  • +372 5265684

Tormi Tamm

  • Member of the 4x4 Committee
  • tormi@landeker.ee
  • +372 5179866

Urvo Männama

  • Member of the 4x4 Committee
  • urvo@gaza.ee
  • +372 53808649