You can apply for an EASU licence here.

Price list for EASU services.

Applying for an EASU registration licence.

Training registration.

Requesting technical cards and SP numbers.

Applying for a technical card for folks sports.

Applying for a judge’s licence.

Estonian Rally Championship Series Registration Form for Foreign Drivers.

Which licence to apply for?

  • As from the 2021 season, the majority of the competitor licences issued by the EASU will be universal and valid for most disciplines. The folks race licence is valid for all folks race competitions using cars that meet the technical requirements for folks racing, including folks cross, street-class drifting and 4×4 off-road. A national licence is required for participation in all Estonian national competitions in Estonia where sports cars are used (safety cage and ASN-card cars, except national cross).
  • By agreement with the Latvian ASN, the Estonian national licence will also be valid for national competitions in Latvia.
  • Youngsters up to the age of 18 need to apply for a youth licence. It costs €25.
  • An eSport competitor licence entitles you to participate only in official eSport competitions. All other EASU competitor licences entitle the holder to participate in eSports.
  • The EASU and its sub-committees may establish a procedure for access to competitions, which requires prior training and/or a licensing exam.

What to remember?

  • When applying for an international licence, a medical certificate issued by a competent health professional is required. We recommend that you obtain the certificate before submitting your licence application. You can download the required form
    from here
    , a digitally signed certificate from your GP or other competitor’s health professional can be uploaded directly into the application system when you submit your application. This ensures that the process of obtaining a licence is as fast and smooth as possible.
  • When applying for a single licence, it is essential to indicate the competition and the date(s) on the application form.
  • If the level of the licence is increased during the season, an additional fee will be charged for the difference in the price of the licences. It is not necessary to buy a new licence at the full price.
  • If you need a licence number to register, you can always check this via your user account.
  • For questions about the licence, please email

EAL general conditions for a licence

  • The holder of an EAL licence may only participate in competitions registered with the EAL. Participation in unregistered competitions is prohibited.
  • The licence holder undertakes to comply with the rules of the competition and the competition regulations during the competitions.
  • For Estonian competitions, the season licence is valid until 31 December.
  • For participation in unregistered competitions and training sessions, the EAL may penalise the competitor as follows:
    – warning
    – suspension of the licence (or refusal to issue a competitor card/licence).
    – fine
    – cancellation of the season’s results.

Sports accident insurance

The international and national driving licences of the Estonian Automobile Sports Association (EAL) and the national competitor cards of the national teams are covered by accident insurance. More information below.
INSURER: Seesam Insurance AS
UNDERwriter: Estonian Motor Sports Association
PERIOD OF INSURANCE: 09.06.2022 – 08.06.2023
POLICE No: 18 / 32616
INDIVIDUALS: All EAL 2022. and 2023. holders of international and national driving licences and national team riders’ cards for 2011
Compensation for death, full time, insured amount €5000
Permanent disability benefit, full time, insured amount €5,000
The insurance is valid worldwide and is in force for competitions registered or authorised by the Estonian Autosport Association and for training sessions associated with such competitions. The insurance benefit is paid 100% to the insured person or their heirs.